Welcome to Thad.com

Attention: I'm looking for someone to help me with css to make this a much better site.
If you're interested, please send me an email.

Domain names such as, http://yourlastname.thad.com are now available!!
For example, are you Thad Smith, then get http://smith.thad.com!
Contact me to get one. (I may ask for a small fee to cover some bandwidth.)

And finally, I'm looking for a cool logo. Suggestions are welcome.

Obviously, this site is in it's earliest stages. I hope to make this a nice site for everybody named Thad, and friends of people named Thad as well. In addition, I will share as much as I can about myself and hopefully have sections for others to post stuff too.

I live in Hawaii. I am a math tutor. Be sure to check out my specials.

When I lived in Pittsburgh, I played in a band called Isotope. Check out the time I lit my head on fire on stage!!

Thad on fire!
Click on image. (length 1:10, size 18.4M)

It's a Quicktime movie and should run on any Mac. If it doesn't run on your PC, you can visit Apple.com's Quicktime download page for the necessary software.

Listen to podcasts. My favs are The Rock and Roll Geek Show, Mac OS Ken, The Mac Geek Gab, and The Math Factor.

I spend (too) much of my freetime playing Pente and a few other games at BrainKing.com, Pente.Net, & Dweebo's Stone Games (Pente.org). I used to play at ItsYourTurn.com, in fact, I have won more than 50 of their weekly tournaments and met many nice people there, but I now have only bad things to say about that site and its owner. Please do NOT support ItsYourTurn.com!!

Random thoughts & pet peeves:

  • Why, oh why, can't they put peanut butter in short, fat tubs (like butter or Cool Whip) instead of tall, skinny ones? More peanut butter gets on the handle of the knife and on my knuckles than ends up on my toast!
  • Oxymoron: Too many brownies!
  • When you're standing there waiting your turn at the bank, in the checkout line, etc., you're in line, not online.
  • "Expecially", "supposably", & "ekcetera" are NOT words!!
  • Well, it took me three weeks, but I finally got around to posting this here. It's my new favorite saying...
    Procrastinate now!
  • The biggest travesty in sports is the overtime cointoss in the NFL. The team that wins the cointoss wins the game most of the time. Do we really want that? College football's overtime is better, but not much. With college's rules, the score and many personal statistics get artificially inflated. Here's my proposal for a better system.
  • Bud Selig is an idiot and a crook. Anyone who thinks otherwise is also an idiot.
  • It's a PIN, not a PIN number. And you use that number at the ATM, not the ATM machine. Same for your car; it's a VIN, not a VIN number.
  • Speaking of cars, anyone who drives around in a convertable with the top down and the windows up should have his picture posted somewhere online (faces blurred so no one can do it intentionally just for the recognition) so he can see how stupid he looks.
  • When I lived in Pittsburgh, Joe DiNardo gave the weather forcast on Channel 4 (WTAE). He's been there for 30+ years. Every night, he gives us the high temp. and the low, then adds them up and divides by two and tells everyone that the average temperature for the day was whatever number he calculated. Hey Joe, that's not the average temperature for the day!!! Not even close. It could be 80 degrees all day and fall to 60 degrees at 11pm when a thunder shower rolls in. The average would be somwhere a little under 80. The average would NOT be 70 degrees, but that's what ol' Joe would tell us.
  • My favorite number is pi.
  • My wife's favorite is 'like 9', as in "There were only like 9 french fries in my happy meal". Variations are good too. "There were like 900 people in front of me in the checkout line." or "We have like 9,000 channels and there's nothin' good on tv!"


PS: Mom, check your email here.